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Wellington’s First + Only pod/VLOGcast with Livestream capabilities

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About Us

Wellington’s first and only Pod/VLOGcast studio with Livestream capabilities and content creation studio.

Located conveniently close to the turnpike, right in the heart of Wellington, Florida, Khanna House Studios offers businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, friends, and creatives a chic place to come together to create high-quality content for their audiences. We wanted to offer you affordable options without compromising quality. Here, you can bring or be your own creative professional, or use one of our Khanna House Studios’ qualified, highly talented photographers/videographers. We also offer our studio as an event space for those who are interested in having events or take one of our classes. Memberships and hourly rates are available.

Photographers, videographers, and creative professionals can book our entirely brandable, industrial-chic, natural light-filled studio by the hour. Khanna House Studios boasts a moveable wall/green screen allowing for custom branding, step-and-repeats, and backdrops. All set up and break down time must be included in your hourly time frame.

  • $85/hour for creative professionals.
  • $125/hour if you use one of our Khanna House Studios’ qualified, highly talented photographers/videographers.


Pod / VLOGcast

Record an episode or a season in our customizable, sound-proof audio+video pod/VLOGcast studio. With seating for up to 4 people, 3 camera angles, optimal lighting, a green screen, or an industrial brick background, Khanna House Studios is equipped to mix and master your professional audio/visual content. Podcasters receive their edited episode(s) within 48 hours.

  • $85/hour for studio time only if you are doing your own editing; raw footage will be released.
  • $125/hour if you use one of our Khanna House Studios’ qualified, highly talented editors.
  • $400/monthly membership, including 4 hours of studio time, no rollover. Must be booked within a 30-day window. Memberships include Khanna House Studios’ qualified, highly talented editors.

Whether you’re a merchant using Livestream selling, a corporation holding a press conference, hosting an online event, or a small business looking for a unique way to connect with its customers, Khanna House Studios can successfully manage your needs from start to finish. With professional lighting and microphones, the option to host at the boardroom style workspace or pod/VLOGcast studio, using your step-and-repeat background, greenscreen, or without, we have options to stream your content professionally and on brand.

  • $85/hour for creative professionals.
  • $125/hour if you use one of our Khanna House Studios’ qualified, highly talented photographers/videographers.


Events + Classes

Come learn how to monetize your podcast, build an advertising deck for your show, entrepreneurship tutoring, and more! Interested in hosting your own? Hit us up at Our space is the growth hub for all things creative and creative collabs.

Our consulting package is for show hosts that want extra support in getting started. Creating the first 8 episodes is done with your Khanna House Studios team. After that, you’ll be a show pro continuing to create at the monthly membership level.

Two months Consulting
  • We tell you exactly how to get started and create episodes from the topics you want to teach and learn about.
  • We help create your show’s bio used on all platforms and media.
  • We write the show description and develop your show’s outline.
  • We help establish your show tone and create a call to action based on your show goals.
  • We outline the first 8 episodes with your show topics and guests (if applicable) and create purpose-driven content.
  • We help you set up your RSS, YouTube, social media scheduler, and Libsyn (optional).
Strategy and Consulting sessions
  • We deliver 8 fully edited, high-quality audio and visual podcasts.
  • We deliver 16 promotional reels to be used on your social media.
  • 8 thumbnails for YouTube and other social platforms.
  • Then we teach you how to monetize your show.
  • $1500/per month X 2 months, and then your account is converted to the monthly membership (which still includes four fully edited episodes monthly)!

Podcast Consulting

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