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Is the podcast just an audio file?

No, it’s video as well. These days, people refer to podcasts and video episodes interchangeably. Since you’ll get both- the audio file and the audio/visual file, you can use either one or both.

I’ve always wanted to start my own podcast/YouTube, but I really don’t know where to start.

This is a common position many people find themselves in. You have a lot of value to share, and starting can seem like the biggest hurdle. The truth is, you only start once, and we’re here to help. You’ll want to do the Pre-production package for a hands-on experience to help you with everything you need to be a successful show host!

I am a photographer. Can I use your studio to do a photo shoot for my clients?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to use our moveable wall and backdrops, but please use your own equipment. Just rent the studio for the hour(s) you need at the $85/rate. We also have a clothing rack for your convenience.

I do my own editing but would love a professional studio to record in. Can I film at your studio, using your equipment, and take the raw footage with me?

Yup. You can do that too! Our studio is made for creative pros at all levels: those looking to learn new techniques at one of our workshops to creative professionals just looking for a studio.

I want to do a single episode, but I know nothing about videography or editing. Help!

No problem! Just rent the studio using the $225/hour option. Editing is included in the price!

How many headshots do I get?

1 Hour Studio Time (so as many outfit changes as you can do in that time), one of our professional photographers, and 5 edited headshots

I need new headshots, but I want to use my photographer. Now what?

We welcome other creative professionals! Just book the studio at the $85/hour rate, and we’ll send you the door code!

I want to book a one-hour content shoot. What does that include?

A: It includes as many outfit changes you can squeeze in during that hour, one of our professional photographers, and 15-20 edited Shots.

I want to host an event at your studio that has nothing to do with photography or videography. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Once you rent the studio, it’s your blank canvas to host what you’d like! If you’re interested in something more ongoing, please email us at for partner rates.

Do you only do photography and videography at the studio?

NO! We do events, parties, on-location, at your business, and just about anywhere!

I’m hosting an event at your studio and would love recommendations for event vendors like bartenders, decor, etc.

Do you have any preferred vendors?

We have a list of vendors that we welcome you to take a look at. We’ve worked with many of them but we encourage you to vet them as well.

Who is Khanna Connections?

Khanna Connections was founded by Julie Khanna. It’s a full scale public relations, media marketing and strategic communications agency niched in the medical, health, wellness and social equity industries. In addition, they’re also the editors in chief of The Well of PBC and author many columns for local and national outlets. Once Julie saw the pandemic brought about a boom in independent media, she knew she wanted to create a space for all creatives to be able to come together to continue to create. It was a concept near to her heart, as her three children- the inspiration behind anything she does- are all incredibly talented creatives.

Together, we hope you find your creative home here.

How do I stay connected?

If you subscribe to the text list, you’ll get every invitation to any studio/studio related event, including polo. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get free media opportunities and be the first to know when one of our show hosts is looking for a guest. Text “Invite” to 844-689-0944 for Khanna House Studios event info!

Khanna House Studios Terms & Conditions

Khanna House Studios reserves the right to cancel a booking if it does not align with the company’s vision, mission, target, goals, etc.


Khanna House Studios can accommodate no more than 25 people for events and content shoots, which include, but are not limited to photo shoots, video shoots, webinar recordings, live social media shoots, podcast recordings, events, classes, etc.


Events (10-20 people capacity maximum) are not to be booked using this online booking system. All events must be booked via


Khanna House Studios has a 24-hour security camera.


The space must be left in rentable condition. We ask that you leave the space better than how you found it, with all furniture back in its original place, lights turned OFF and all trash removed from the studio and thrown in the trash located in the parking lot behind the studio. Again, YOU MUST REMOVE ANY AND ALL TRASH. Failure to do so will result in a $75 charge.


Customers must cancel content/shoot reservations 14 days before your reservation to receive a partial refund of 50% (less any and all transaction fees). Cancellations made before or on the 14 day cut off will be refunded electronically (50%) within seven business days.

Cancellations happening after the 14 day cancellation cut off period will not be refunded, no exceptions.

Customers who show up for a booking during their designated time, but do not use the full time block will not be refunded or provided a credit. Khanna House Studios does not provide credits for cancellations or not using the full time block.


Reschedule requests must be made within 72 hours of the customer booking via email to We will make every attempt to accommodate the new requested booking date and/or, but can not promise that new dates and/or times will be available. Khanna House Studios can not hold shoot dates and/or times.


Khanna House Studios is only available during the time you have reserved. Customers do not receive additional time to set up and/or break down. That time should be included in the time block that is reserved. Customers must conclude their use and clear the venue promptly at the time designated on the reservation. Customers must plan to exit the venue at closing. You will not be able to enter the venue before your reservation time. Customers who stay longer than their reserved end time will be automatically billed for any additional time and a half in the space, in half hour increments, no exceptions.

Customers who show up late for booking reservations will not be provided additional time or credits. Customers must contact Khanna House Studios directly and immediately via email or phone once they know they will need to be in the space longer than the designated end time.

In the event of an emergency or a customer not adhering to Khanna House Studios’ rules, Khanna House Studios reserves the right to cancel a customer booking and/or demand the customer vacate the space immediately. Khanna House Studios will not provide refunds to customers who do not adhere to the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Customers are responsible for contacting Khanna House Studios in severe weather conditions to determine whether the location will remain open. Closing information is available on the web at Khanna House Studios will reschedule bookings within 30 days if possible when Khanna House Studios closes due to severe weather or other emergencies.


Customers are welcome to change the arrangement of furniture and decor in the space during their reservation. All rearranged items must be placed back in their original location by the end of the customer’s reservation. Any customer reserving the space will be responsible for the condition of the space, and will be financially responsible for any damage caused by members of the organization or attendees during the time the room is reserved. Do not attach posters, balloons, and other decorations to walls, light fixtures, or ceilings.


Upon completion of the initial deliverables, we offer 2 revisions to accommodate any necessary changes or adjustments. Any revisions over 2 must be approved by management of Khanna House Studios and will be charged an additional fee of $50 per hour of revision. These revisions will be carried out in accordance with the agreed-upon project scope, and we will make every effort to implement your feedback and incorporate any required modifications promptly. It is important to note that any revision requests should be provided in a clear and concise manner, outlining the specific changes or adjustments desired. To facilitate efficient communication, we encourage you to consolidate your revision requests into a single document or email to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.

Non-solicitation of Khanna House Studios Employees and Contractors Clients and hosts of Khanna House Studios must not hire or engage contractors and employees met at or through Khanna House Studios for work for hire purposes including, but not limited to, videography, social media content, podcasting, photography, graphic design or any other services offered by Khanna House Studios. Failure to comply will result in an immediate termination of relationship between Khanna House Studios and Khanna House Studios will pursue legal counsel for damages.

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