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Winter Break Camp

How To Become A Show Host, The Winter Break Edition. 

Khanna House Studios is excited to present another great experience for children ages 9-16 with the How to Become a Show Host (Podcast/YouTube) Camp, The Winter Break Edition! Through this one-of-a-kind program, your child will learn how to craft their own show from the ground up. Everything from conceptualizing the content and mapping out the season, to creating a show description and show notes, to hosting on camera and interviewing guests.

Your child will emerge with the skills necessary to produce their own podcast or YouTube show with the right equipment—and will have a fully edited episode by the end of camp! This is an incredible opportunity for your child to explore their creativity, gain valuable media knowledge and build confidence in their public speaking skills. Sign them up today and take advantage of this amazing program!

$465/week/per child. Please send your child lunch daily.

  • Session 1: December 26th December 29th 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Session 2: January 2nd-January 5th 9:00am-2:00pm


Day 1: Introduction to How to Start a Podcast and YouTube and conceptualizing

  • Introduce the concept of podcasting/YouTube show hosting and how it’s different from other forms of media
  • Studio/Equipment tour
  • Discuss popular podcast genres and formats
  • Brainstorm ideas for a group podcast project
  • Split into groups and begin brainstorming individual podcast episode ideas
  • Come up with the title of your show 

Day 2: Planning and Script Writing (Outline Season 1) 

  • Discuss how to outline a show episode and create a script
  • Work in groups to plan out the structure and content of each podcast episode
  • Begin writing scripts for the first episode
  • How to choose a guest 
  • Write your show intro & call to action 
  • Write show description
  • Practice on the mic in preparation for Day 3 

Day 3: Recording and Editing

  • Introduce the equipment and software needed for podcast recording and editing
  • Demonstrate proper microphone techniques and sound editing basics
  • Record the first podcast episode in groups
  • Learn how to create a podcast cover art and write a compelling podcast description
  • Begin editing the recording, adding music and sound effects

Day 4: WATCH PARTY Marketing and Promotion

  • Discuss the importance of marketing and promotion 
  • Discuss show goals and how to get the show sponsored 
  • Brainstorm ways to promote the podcast and build an audience
  • Record and edit a promotional trailer for the podcast
  • Practice presenting the podcast to an audience and watching yourself on camera
  • Share positive feedback and learning opportunities 
  • Host a mini podcast festival, where each group presents their episode and trailer to the rest of the camp

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